Australia’s Best Distilleries And Breweries To Visit On Your Next Solo Trip

Are you ready for an unforgettable solo adventure in Australia? If so, then make sure to add some of the country’s best distilleries and breweries to your travel itinerary! As Australia is home to a diverse selection of craft beers and spirits, there are endless possibilities when it comes to exploring its best-loved establishments. 

From historic pubs with charming interiors to chic urban breweries serving up experimental concoctions, take yourself on a delicious journey through Australia’s thriving distilling and brewing scene. So whether you’re looking for award-winning gin or want a great spot to grab a well-crafted beer, read on for our list of must-visit distilleries and breweries in Australia.

Let’s get started!

The Sights – Australian Distilleries To Visit

To our great pleasure, Australian distilleries have taken lessons from their country’s vineyards and made it a priority to guarantee that a well-developed hospitality service is frequently included as part and parcel of their locations. If you go to any craft distillery in this country, you will almost definitely find an open basement door and a few free bar benches. Craft distilleries can be found all across the region.

They have also upped the ante by doing so; with a new heritage being built, some of them have embraced the typical tours that are offered and changed them into an activity. As a result, while Four Pillars welcomes more than two hundred thousand guests annually, Seppeltsfield Road Distillers entertains more than thirty-five thousand customers. There’s no doubt that the wine tourism industry is thriving, but in a few short years, craft distillers will surpass their proportions.

The following are some of our absolute top picks for must-see distilleries:

Distilleries and breweries in NSW

In latest years, Sydney has developed a reputation as somewhat of a focal point for the practice of urban distillation. Archie Rose Distillery, which is situated in the Rosebery district, is the distillery that has received the most awards in the nation. If you visit the distillery, you may sample the whole spectrum of gin, whisky, and vodka, in addition to unannounced bottles. Have a chair at the bar to engage in conversation with the skilled bartenders and receive a comprehensive review of all of the one-of-a-kind libations that are crafted at Archie Rose.

Archie Rose, located in the inner south of Sydney, is the epitome of what an urban distillery should be. It’s true that they offer sampling room excursions and various masterclasses to pick from. Still, the real draw is the sampling room’s decor, which is designed to feel more like an elegant and welcoming bar than a traditional winery venue.

Archie Rose, which built its reputation producing a great dry gin, has given a top-notch distillery adventure in the centre of Sydney’s Rosebery neighbourhood. It is uncommon to discover a spirits company that has opened its doors in the middle of a bustling suburb. You can make your own custom gin by combining different herbs, or you can just get a gin and tonic at the bar.

It would be best if you didn’t miss out on going to Wayward Brewery in Sydney. This establishment has been serving their ‘Sourpuss’ Raspberry Berliner Weisse for quite some time, and you won’t have any trouble finding a seasonal sour or menu mainstay at any of the other local brewers that you visit.

Travellers going it alone must examine the distillery’s event schedule to see if there will be live music and then make their plans appropriately. The beers at Wildflower Brewing & Blending in Marrickville are matured in barrels with wild yeast, which is what gives them their characteristic sourness. So plan your next visit to Wildflower Brewing & Blending since it is one of the most influential game-changers in the world of sour beer. During the first Saturday of every month, the brewery is available from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. for a ticketed Tour and Sampling event. This is a fantastic opportunity to get to know fresh individuals while also savouring a variety of delectable libations.

Since its opening in 2017, the Brix cellar door has quickly established itself as a crowd favourite inside the spirit industry thanks to its bar-restaurant concept. The South American-centric menu, which was created by Ivan Sanchez, is the ideal complement to the beverages list, which focuses on rum.

Best Distilleries and Breweries in Queensland 

The Tamborine Mountain Distillery is a small distillery that uses local flora and fauna in the production of its artisanal beverages. It is located on a mountain with a view of the outskirts of the Gold Coast. You’ll discover anything from eucalyptus gum leaf vodka to apricot schnapps in this shop. In their sampling area, in which you’ll take your sense of taste on a voyage they won’t soon forget, you can sample a small portion of their enormous selection.

A little over a quarter of an hour to the south of the Gold Coast is where you’ll find Burleigh Brewing Company. This is a brewery that boasts a laid-back atmosphere and a beachside mindset, and it serves award-winning craft beer. So you can rest assured that wherever you go, you will be able to find a location where you can take in the breathtaking scenery while you sit down and put your feet up.

Take a guided tour of the Bundaberg rum distillery to see its huge molasses well that continues to hold 5 million litres of the stuff, a memorial on the historical past of rum dating back to the First Fleet, and the Barrel Room in which you’ll combine your own mixture of rum. This popular distillery was established in 1888 as a method of producing some usage of surplus molasses from the farmlands.

Best Distilleries and Breweries in South Australia

Kangaroo Island is not only home to some of the most magnificent animals and delicacies in the country, but it also features one of the most acclaimed distilleries in the country. Kangaroo Island Spirits is an Australian distillery that produces gin, vodka, and liqueurs by hand in limited quantities. Visit the historic cellar entrance or the serene Gin Garden to sample the multiple award-winning spirits while enjoying the warm friendliness of the island. You can also participate in a one-of-a-kind gin-making class, which might not be accessible right now but will undoubtedly become accessible.

The amazing part regarding South Australia is that you aren’t required to travel very far to obtain a fresh beer. Instead, travel to the northwest of Adelaide and sit down at the Big Shed Brewing Co. They provide beers that range from American Pale Ale to stout that has honeycomb infused into it. (And if you consider it to be unusual, then it is obvious that you’ve never heard of beer infused with croissants.)

A visit to the brand-new Chalk Hill establishment in McLaren Vale is an absolute need. You have the option to sample the world’s finest gin in the sampling room and bar at Never Never Distilling Co., and you can pick from a spectrum of incredible Italian-style pizzas at Pizzatecca. VPO is a collaborative site for Chalk Hill wines, Never Never Distilling Co., and Pizzatecca. In addition, you can enjoy a variety of high-quality wines from the Chalk Hill wine bar.

Take your personal carpets and spread them out on the lovely grass, where you can read a good book or just watching other people go by (you might even see a helicopter land on site). After that, head over to the coast (the drive there, which is ten minutes long and very gorgeous) for a walk along Moana Beach during the sunset.

The winery-distillery combination, owned and operated by Brendan and Laura Carter, is a delightful spot to spend an afternoon in the verdant Adelaide Hills. In addition to visits to the distillery, they offer samples of their products (both the wines produced by Unico Zelo and the beverages produced by Applewood, which include gins, amaros, and cellos). The bar offers taster flights, as well as individual drinks such as beverages and wines by the glass. Create your personal cheese and charcuterie board using the ingredients in the refrigerator, and then take a seat.

Ellie Beer’s commercial space in the Barossa acts as a continuous event for individuals who discover themselves in the region with a few hours to spend and are looking for a contemporary and casual café as well as an experience centre.

Participants will have the option to manufacture a bottle containing their very own Craft Gin during their time spent at the first Gin School in the area. During the workshop, you will get some hands-on expertise while using some of the most popular herbs, study about the processes used to create drinks, and study about the methods used to craft spirits. After you have completed choosing, calculating, and documenting your formula (with assistance from the staff if necessary), you will be able to remove the cover from the still.

As soon as it’s bottled, you’ll possess your very own signature Gin recipe, which you’ve made by hand and bottled yourself!

Best Distilleries and Breweries in Western Australia 

Whipper Snapper may have begun as nothing more than a dream and an old shed, but it has now developed into one of the most reputable distilleries in Perth. Whiskies manufactured by Whipper Snapper are made by hand, include original recipes, and are made using local grains exclusively. The most exciting part? Whisky & Coffee Bar offers delivery options, allowing you to pair your whisky sampling with a cup of coffee and a sweet treat before heading home.

At this distillery in East Perth (here, they produce moonshine and whisky), you can participate in daily sampling, whisky and coffee pairings, backstage excursions, and workshops on the art of brewing whisky on the weekends.

If you ever find yourself in Margaret River, you absolutely must stop by the Margaret River Distilling Company. They have worked hard to earn their reputation as an industry leader. In addition to that, it’s the only location in all of Australia to house a Giniversity, where guests may discover how to distil and combine their own gin. In addition, throughout their sessions, you’ll learn about the origins of gin and have the chance to sample a variety of items from their own line of gin.

Best Distilleries and Breweries in the ACT

Visit Capital Brewing Company when you’re visiting Canberra, the capital of Australia. In addition to their core range and a traditional pub feed, they offer a wide selection of seasonal beers, collaborations, tap space exclusive publishes, and even customer tap appearances from those other local breweries throughout the ACT.

This is a wonderful spot to get to meet new individuals because of the significant share tables and the abundance of food! There are additionally excursions available for people who prefer to get their hands dirty while they learn about new topics.

Best Distilleries and Breweries in Tasmania

In Tasmania’s expanding distillery market, you can enjoy a sample of some of the finest whisky that Australia has to offer, thanks to the state’s clean, pure air and water.

The little McHenry Distillery, which can be found nestled in the natural terrain of the Tasman Peninsula, is responsible for the production of a variety of spirits that are both refined and quintessentially Australian. Do not pass up the opportunity to try the Sloe Gin, which is made using berries that are gathered from the verges surrounding northern Tasmania.

It is difficult to find a more picturesque location than McHenry at Mount Arthur in Tasmania, with its vistas of distant dense bushland and distant undulating hills. Nevertheless, the beverages leave a rather favourable impression as well. You’ll be able to try award-winning varieties of gin, whisky, and vodka once you step within the cellar door. Even better, you could participate in a hands-on gin-making course, which not only covers lunch but also produces your very own bottle of gin that you’ll bring home.

In the meantime, the Lark Distillery can be found right in the middle of Hobart. This distillery has quickly risen to become one of the best malt whisky producers in Australia and is known for producing quality drinks using traditional techniques.

Bill Lark, a pioneer in the production of Tasmanian whisky, opened his distillery in 1992, making it the first to operate in the country in the preceding 150 years. Simply for this reason, it is well worth one’s time to stop by the brand’s basement door in Hobart. Additional factors include the more than 150 whiskies that are kept behind the bar, the “extra projects” that Lark produces, which include vodka, gin, brandy, and rum, and the extensive selection of Tasmanian beer, wine, and cider that is also available.

You may have a sample of their genuine Tasmanian whisky and gin at any of their cellar doors, with Lark’s offering more than 150 different kinds of malt whisky alone. In addition, its position in the middle of town makes it an ideal site to relax outside and experience some people-watching, which is another perk of this establishment!

In 1994, Sullivans Cove would only become Tasmania’s second distillery, following a moratorium on the operation of distilleries that lasted for more than a century.

You may drink a dram at its Cambridge location, enjoying a tour amid the copper stills prior to actually buying a bottle of the double cask-flavoured single malt. It was later awarded the title of “best single malt whisky” at the World Whiskies Awards.

Best Distilleries and Breweries in the Northern Territory

The one and only brewery that is currently running in the Red Centre is the Alice Springs Brewing Co. ASBC was established in 2018 by lifelong resident Kyle Pearson with the goal of providing customers with locally crafted goods along with meal options that are uncomplicated but flavorful.

One Mile Brewery is located farther to the north and is working hard to establish a name for itself by producing flavorful craft beer that is both simple to consume and tailored to the environment of Darwin.

Best Distilleries and Breweries in Victoria

When it becomes safe to travel throughout Victoria once more, be certain to give local businesses your patronage whenever and wherever you get the chance.

The Four Pillars Distillery, which can be found in the picturesque Yarra Valley, demonstrates another facet of Australian beverages. The illustrious distillery has established its reputation via the production of one-of-a-kind alcoholic beverages like Bloody Shiraz Gin, and it has only just launched a gin laboratory in the Sydney neighbourhood of Surry Hills.

On the breathtaking Mornington Peninsula, which is only an hour away from Melbourne, Bass & Flinders was established. This small-batch maker takes their product all the way from the vine to the bottle, hand-making their spirit foundation from the fruit that grows right outside their door.

Grappa, limoncello, and many varieties of gin, ranging from truffle-infused to the scary-sounding Monsoon, which really boasts invigorating herbs like lemongrass, ginger, and ginseng, are some of the items that attract customers to Bass & Flinders. Don’t go unless you’ve had a taste of the old brandy that was manufactured from chardonnay grapes.

This distiller’s brandy, gin, and liqueurs all have a taste that is all their own because of their commitment to using grapes grown in the area. You may even enrol in a class to discover how to combine your very own bottle and make it a unique creation!

This tiny south Melbourne distillery seems to be more private than others on this site. It produces its moonshine (clear, unaged whisky) from hand-beaten copper stills that are stored in an unpretentious warehouse. This is in keeping with the theme of the distillery, which is a homage to bootleg liquor that was popular in the United States during the Prohibition era.

With a tiny bar selling booze in the space between the barrels, you can take away a bottle of booze that has been beautifully packaged.


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